HMRS Student Course Evaluation
Thank you for participating in a Hawk Mountain Ranger School Program.  In this feedback form, there are no WRONG or RIGHT answers. You do not need to put your name on this form – your responses are anonymous. Please respond to ALL the questions as honestly as possible below to help us to improve the curriculum, training materials, and the conduct of the training.
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This information will help give us an idea of course content as it relates to students of different learning development.
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This course helped expose me to potential future careers (military, public service [fire/EMS], emergency services, emergency management, etc).
This course helped me develop personal confidence in challenging environments.
This course helped me develop my personal leadership skills.
This course helped improve my physical fitness.
This course helped me development teamwork and followership skills.
The training enhanced my knowledge and skills.
I expect to use the knowledge and skills gained from this training.
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The Administration Staff was helpful and responsive prior to the school.
The training was well organized.
The training sessions were relevant to my needs.
The instructors were well prepared.
The instructors were receptive to participant comments and questions.
The instructors were engaging and used multiple instructional techniques.
The exercises helped me to learn the material.
There was enough time to cover all materials.
The training facilities were adequate.
The Field Training Exercise reinforced the skills learned during the rest of the week.
I achieved my personal goals in attending this course.
The staff were professional and helped me achieve my goals.
The staff sufficiently emphasized a culture of safety at the school.
The staff sufficiently emphasized a culture of inclusion at the school.
What feedback would you provide to make our staff more effective?
What part of the training was the most useful for you?  
What part of the training was the least useful for you?
Please list three ideas or lessons that you learned during this training that you will take back to your squadron.
What information/topics should be added to this training?  
What information/topics should be removed from this training?  
How could the course be improved?
Future Plans
I plan to return as staff.
I plan to attend another course.
I would recommend this course to others.
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