SABA - Hall Reservation
SABA and all of its furniture are provided by funds from the believers and are the property of Imame Zaman (AS). Please carefully read and initial each line below regarding the regulations reserving any part of SABA for personal/private function. For further clarification refer to BOD facility representative.

A $300 cleaning deposit in a form of a personal check to “SABA” is required and should be left with the BOD facility manager. Upon inspection of the facility, if the hall is completely clean and organized, the check will be returned to the organizers. In case the hall is not completely clean and organized, the cost will be deducted from the $300 cleaning deposit.

Primary Contact: Muzaffer Khan -

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Recommended Donation for Hall Usage
Although there is no fee for using the facility, electricity, water, furniture and space is costly to the members so the event organizers are encouraged to donate generously to SABA in the form of a gift (Hadia) for their usage of all the above.
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Terms and Conditions:
Please note that gas, electricity, water, garbage production and the wear and tear on the equipment needs to be compensated for. A private function even though a Majlis is not open to all SABA members so it should not be paid for by the general funds (Baitul Mall).It is only fair that organizers compensate SABA for their usage of above amenities.

SABA is a nonprofit and all work is done by volunteers and although it may not look like it; there is cost to running the program: lights, electricity and keeping the doors open. We do not charge a fee for using the hall but hope you donate generously. Jazkhallah Khier for your time and your respect of the halls. Please find the following Terms and Agreements below:

- In case there are concurrent events in different parts of SABA, each group should respect the privacy of the other.
- SABA is a place of worship therefore gender separation is a must.
- Ladies need to observe Hijab at all times.
- Shoes are only allowed on non carpeted areas .
- No music or dancing of any form is allowed at any part of SABA .
- No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed in the premises.
- Children should stay in close proximity to their parents at all times.
- SABA is not liable for accidents that can happen to children/adults during a private event.
- If the event organizers need to bring furniture from outside SABA or are moving and redecorating the existing SABA furniture, they should bring man power to put everything back. This task needs to be done in coordination with the caretaker. Caretaker is not responsible to provide service for private events.
- If babysitting room and service is needed, there is additional charge.

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