2020 RFL of SL Campsite Reservation
Please fill out the following form to submit your request for a Relay Weekend campsite.
Relay Weekend is June 6-7, 2020. Contact Dianna Wycliffe for questions.
Team Name *
Team Captain *
Please submit usernames and not display names
Captain's email address *
Please select which type of campsite your team needs *
We will work diligently with teams to assure as many needs are met as possible, but we cannot guarantee your preference..
Please identify the Gaming Genre that your campsite should be placed in *
In 2020, the track will navigate through 6 different gaming genres. Campsites should reflect the genre that they are located in.
Please share the name(s) of a Designer in SL that you feel should be considered to build a Design Area along the Relay Track. (you can list yourself)
Please indicate below any specific requests regarding your build needs, campsite size, track placement, etc.
Please bear in mind that we will be working hard to accommodate as many requests from all teams as possible. In order to satisfy all teams to the best extent possible, while we cannot guarantee that all requests can be fully met, we assure you that will will try our hardest!
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