Educator Climate Survey
I feel comfortable raising issues and concerns that are important to me.
My principal facilitates and sustains a culture that actively encourages educators to help all students reach their full potential.
There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect within this school.
The vision for our school incorporates a culture conducive to teaching and learning.
Materials, resources, and training (professional developments) are available and provided in order to do my job effectively.
The school creates a caring and supportive environment.
I look forward to coming to school every day.
I know and understand my job expectations.
Teachers and administrators at this school set high standards for all students.
There is positive and productive collaboration between teachers and leadership teams to analyze and use data throughout the year to establish specific goals and strategies aimed at increasing student achievement and growth and promoting school improvement.
The principal keeps the school focused on academic achievement.
The vision for our school incorporates continuous improvement.
Teachers help each other and work together.
Adults in this school are good examples of the values the school teachers: respect, responsibility, and fairness.
The school's schedule allows adequate time for teacher collaboration.
I am given the opportunity to provide input on school matters or decisions that affect student achievement.
I am provided with useful and constructive feedback with specific action steps to improve classroom practices.
I feel safe and comfortable with the staff and students in this school.
I am offered and engaged in researched based professional learning that is designed to meet school- improvement needs.
Disciplining students does not hinder classroom instructional time.
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