1:1 Mindset and Confidence Coaching Application
Hello, well I'm so bloody excited that you're here.

* You feel stuck but you know you want MORE for your life
* You procrastinate or self sabotage your goals because you lack support
* You want to break the cycle of saying yes when you want to say no
* You want to bring more magic into your life
* You let your inner mean girl run your life and you know it needs to stop
* You feel overwhelmed making decisions because you're scared of making the wrong choice
* You feel triggered by other women who seem self assured
* You are always placing your own needs and wants down the bottom of your to-do list  

* Be confident in who you are, what you want and to believe wholeheartedly that you can do, be and have what you desire
* Live a life that feels so damn good
* Be comfortable setting boundaries with others and express your needs
* Dial down your inner mean girl and stop limiting beliefs from holding you back
* Be deeply connected to yourself
* Understand your emotions and be able to manage them (instead of them managing you)
* Live a life that feels so damn good

The results that have been achieved through my 1:1 containers are WILD.
I'm talking - people quitting jobs that don't fulfil them, moving out of home, moving overseas, pursuing new hobbies, standing up for themselves, setting boundaries, leaving unhealthy relationships, building a beautiful relationship with themselves AND SO MUCH MORE.

If you work with me, I will guide you, support you and be in your corner but you need to WANT it.
If you want something new, you need to do something new.
* 6x 1 hour fortnightly sessions (12 weeks) tailored to what YOU need
* Activity/ information sheets to assist with integrating learning from your sessions
*  In-between session support Monday - Friday
* A personalised meditation
* A welcome package

Current prices are as follows and will be increasing by the end of the year.
Move quickly if you want to lock in these prices.

Pay in full: $1111
Monthly payment (x3): $390
Fortnightly payment (x6): $210
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