PCSD Website Community Survey 2018
1. What school building do you most closely associate yourself with? (choose all that apply) *
2. What is your relationship with the Parma City School District? (please choose one) *
3. How often do you visit the PCSD website at www.parmacityschools.org? *
4. For statistical purposes, how old are you? (choose one) *
5. What are you looking for when you visit the PCSD website? (check all that apply) *
6. Were you aware the PCSD has a mobile app which connects to many building and district resources? *
7. Have you ever used our website, parmacityschools.org, but were unable to find what you were looking for? *
8. If yes, what were you looking for?
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9. If you have a child enrolled in the district, do your child's teachers connect with you directly using other communications methods outside of parmacityschools.org? (example: Remind 101, Google Classroom, Bloomz, etc.) *
10. What is your #1 complaint about the current website parmacityschools.org?
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11. What do you like about the website at parmacityschools.org?
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12. In your opinion, what is most important to include in a newly designed website? What else should we consider or change as we redesign? *
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