Lil' Kickers DMV Employment Application

Lil’ Kickers is more than just a great soccer program for kids. Our balanced and creative approach to coaching will have a positive impact on children that goes far beyond the soccer field. Our high-energy soccer classes are carefully designed to enhance childrens overall growth and well-being. The result? Kids with strong physical skills, who are well-balanced and confident. And, we do all this while kids have the time of their life.

Lil’ Kickers - Soccer Coach

Job Title: Coach
Department: Program
Reports To: Coordinator

Lil Kickers DMV is in search of highly qualified individuals to share their talents with the children in our classes. Lil' Kickers is a child development program that uses the game of soccer as a tool to teach socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. As a coach you will lead a small group of children, ages 18 months-9 years old, through a series of games and activities that help promote a child's developmental growth.

As a Coach you will:

-Lead classes according to Lil' Kickers standards and methods
-Create a fun, creative learning environment for children and parents
-Maintain a safe environment for children
-Welcome and orient new children and parents
-Clean field area in a prescribed manner
-Advise Coordinator of any incidents or issues that take place during class
-Show up on time and lead all scheduled classes
-Attend all training's or other meetings as requested
-Assist in training new coaches as requested

We are looking for positive, enthusiastic, and energetic individuals! Coaches are superheros who use creativity to help guide children through the various stages of their development. Further, a LK Coach exhibits excellent time management, communication, and organizational skills. Experience with children is a plus but we'll take anyone who is passionate in promoting The Lil' Kickers DMV mission.
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