Bard College 2018–2019 Facility Use Agreement and Housing Profile
Due Dates:
Fall Admission: June 1
Spring Admission: December 20

Facility Use Agreement:

Bard College strives to uphold the rights of every student to live and study in a residential environment that is safe, secure, and committed to their academic and social success. These rights are ensured through a system of shared governance that includes all members of the residential community, their guests, and administrators. Acceptance of responsibility for these expectations, policies, and terms is required to retain the privilege of on-campus residency. Bard College complies with applicable federal laws and College policies inclusive of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), antidiscrimination laws, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Title IX.

• Bard College agrees to provide living quarters during the term of the agreement with the following exceptions: when housing is closed during designated break periods; the student is suspended or expelled for financial or conduct reasons; unless/until the student is released from the agreement.

• Room, board, tuition, and associated charges must be paid on or before the due date set by the Student Accounts Office and stated in the current College Catalogue. Payment of room and board fees entitles the student to a bed in a residence hall but not a specific room.

• All resident students must participate in an approved board plan.

• All students who are not moderated (typically first-years and sophomores) are REQUIRED to live on campus through Moderation unless they meet the exceptions outlined in the Student Handbook and College Catalogue. This policy excludes transfer students.

• The College reserves the right to assign roommates without prior notice to the current occupant of a room and to relocate students should the need arise. In the event a bed space becomes available within a shared room, the occupant does not have the right of refusal.

• Possession or use of a key not issued to the particular student could subject this student to disciplinary action.

• Students are not permitted to allow another person to reside in their assigned bed space unless a room change is approved by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

• Should the student violate College policy or the Facility Use Agreement, the College reserves the right to relocate or remove the student from housing, without release of financial responsibility.

• Any room on campus may be used to house other students or individuals during winter break (December/January). All students should prepare their room by removing all bedding, cleaning out a drawer, and securing all personal items.

• Students who require intersession housing (winter/summer) agree to live in designated buildings determined by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Students staying on campus may not access their permanent space without permission from the Office of Residence Life and Housing or Campus Security. Those found in violation are subject to a fine.

• The College reserves the right to enter a student’s room for repair, maintenance, security, safety, emergency, suspected policy violations, and administrative reasons without advance notice.

• Bard College assumes NO liability for students’ personal possessions. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase private insurance to cover any losses due to accident, natural disaster, theft, etc., and assume financial responsibility for any loss or damage to the assigned room and its contents and for any damages caused by any guests.

• The student is responsible for all common area property in the residence hall. Individuals involved in behavior that results in damage or vandalism will be required to pay any necessary repairs and fines, may lose housing privileges, and may be suspended or expelled from the College. Common damage charges are assessed to all residents of a building for vandalism and damages for which no one admits individual responsibility.

• Upon official withdrawal from the College, the student must vacate the assigned room within 24 hours of notification. If the student fails to vacate by the agreed-upon time, belongings will be deemed abandoned. Items will be discarded and charges assessed to the student to cover any associated cleaning and removal costs.

• Financial release from the Facility Use Agreement occurs ONLY at the end of the fall semester or academic year, due to graduation, a formal leave of absence, or transfer from the College. No other exceptions will be made.

• Requests to cancel this agreement for moderated or newly admitted transfer students may be made prior to August 1 (or January 1 for students starting or returning to Bard for the spring semester). If the request is granted, cancellation fees will be applied as stated on the Office of Residence Life and Housing website. After August 1 (or January 1 as noted above) cancellation of the housing agreement will result in financial responsibility for the cost of housing.

• At the end of each term the student is expected to vacate the assigned room within 24 hours of the last day of classes. Graduating seniors are to vacate their rooms by 3:00 p.m. on the day following Commencement. Anyone remaining past the advertised deadlines without permission from the Office of Residence Life and Housing will be charged $200 per day.

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