Registration for Vashon Island Teen Council 2019-2020 school year
Our Vision :
Through the power of peer education, using accurate, unbiased sexuality education, we will end ignorance, promote tolerance, and improve communication between teens and the important people in their lives.
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Vashon Island Teen Council
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Please Respond to the Following Questions & Scenarios. We want to know what you Think, so please answer honestly.
Applying to Teen Council is a learning opportunity. We learn the content together at our weekly meetings. **We don't expect nor anticipate that you are already wisened experts in SexEd** This is a chance to reflect on what you may already know, and consider things that you would like to know more about.
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We would like to learn a little bit more about you.
Choose one of the following options to express a little bit about who you are or what you're passionate about. Write a brief paragraph, short poem, song, rap, or story about yourself. Any and all of these options are equally valued, we just want to encourage you to express yourself and describe to us a little about yourself.
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Teen Council is a big Time Commitment --- we meet after school together as Vashon Teen Council, once a week (at a regularly agreed upon time/day) during the school year.
Are there any other activities, sports, clubs, bands, obligations, employment work, etcetera, that you are already involved with that you have a regular schedule for? *
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Please provide the name and contact information of an adult who can be a reference for you. Choose someone who knows you from an educational setting, like a teacher, a school counselor, a coach, a school administrator, or an adult from any other activity that you participate in. This person should not be a parent, guardian or family friend. Name of reference: E-mail: Phone number: *
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Thank you for Applying to Vashon Teen Council 2019-2020 school year!
you're welcome to Email us directly if you have any other questions please contact : or phone our Office: 206-940-6430
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