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CARW is a group of white people in the Seattle area working toward collective liberation by undoing institutional racism and white dominance. We do this through fierce education and organizing in white communities and active support of and collaboration with anti-racist, people of color-led organizations. We support the self-determination of people of color, honor their leadership and develop ongoing accountable relationships with people of color-led organizations.

CARW Membership
You are invited to become a member of CARW! Making and honoring a commitment is an important move for keeping ourselves accountable and building and strengthening the movement for racial justice. We ask CARW Members to commit to the following: (1) Attend quarterly membership meetings (2) Take action monthly (3) Make a meaningful gift in the form of membership dues to help support CARW and our POC-led partner organizations.

Member Meetings
Quarterly member meetings are a way to grow and strengthen our community and the movement for racial justice and collective liberation. Member meetings serve as a consistent space for updates and engagement with the CARW community. They are an entry point for new members and a space to build community by meeting new people, sharpening our racial justice analysis, and sharing our stories, skills, and experiences. Meetings are an opportunity to build movement momentum by organizing ourselves and taking collective action. Mark your calendar now so you can be sure to join all upcoming member meetings, which are at Southside Commons: Membership Meeting (in 2017) Jan 11 • Apr 12 • Jul 12 • Oct 11

Working for racial justice goes beyond educating ourselves and building an anti-racist community. We must take action! CARW members are expected to participate in an action at least monthly. CARW will help facilitate this by sending out action opportunities regularly. This could include (for example) call-in actions, in-person actions, petitions, opportunities to support people of color led organizing events, asks for donations, and more. CARW will do its best to make sure there’s a spectrum of action opportunities for folks of varying ability, access to wealth, and risk tolerance.

Meaningful Gifts
White folks historically and currently have disproportionate access to wealth and resources. We ask that CARW members make a monetary gift to help support the anti-racist organizing work of CARW, and to leverage resources towards POC-led organizations and their organizing work. Of course, not all white people have the same access to wealth and resources. We have created an equitable giving guideline to help guide your gifting:
• We ask CARW members to make an annual gift equalling 0.1-0.2% of annual income (for example, $30-60 annually if you make $30,000 a year).
• CARW Members are asked to donate to POC led organizations in an equivalent amount (we’ll do our best to provide opportunities to do this). If you are unable to give equal gifts to CARW and another POC led organization (e.g. $30 to CARW and $30 to another organization for a total of $60 yearly), we recommend you give a total of $30 and split it between the two orgs.
Gifts will be collected at quarterly member meetings (there will be a way to give with a debit/credit card). Members may give their gift all at once, or across the year at multiple member meetings.

Membership Commitment
As a member of CARW, I commit to attend quarterly membership meetings, take action for racial justice monthly, and make a meaningful gift to help support CARW and our partner organizations.

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We are so excited to be building a leaderful anti-racist movement for collective liberation with you! Feel free to email the CARW Organizing Collective at if you have any questions.
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