Charm City Stories Editor Application 2018-19
Charm City Stories is looking for new editors to add to our editorial team! Editors will be responsible for organizing, creating and publicizing our publication through the next submission year. Applications will be accepted until June 15th and selected editors will be informed of their acceptance at the end of June.

Please find information about our publication at and feel free to email us at with any questions.

Name (First, Last) *
Email and phone number *
Please list a frequently checked email and daytime number that you can be reached at.
Current University *
Graduating Year *
Major(s) and Minor(s) *
Please only state those majors and minors that you have officially declared.
Which editor position are you interested in? *
The Graphic Designer will be responsible for the creation of our publicity materials as well as the production of the publication and the University Specific Liaisons will be responsible for publicizing CCS through pre-planned art workshops at their university to ensure participation from their student community.
Why do you want to be involved on the editorial team? *
We are looking for genuine, passionate individuals to help lead our organization and are incredibly excited to hear your motivations to apply to our team.
What is your creative vision for Charm City Stories? *
Charm City Stories is a magazine that is inspired by the field of Narrative Medicine. In our inaugural year, we collaborated with 7 universities, 15 art and writing departments and over 50 artists. As we look ahead to our next publication year, we would love to hear how you think this project can expand to reach an even broader community.
What is your past involvement with Charm City Stories and how did you learn about us? *
Please specify if you were a contributing artist, attendee to our gallery, or a community member who learned about our project. Please note that past involvement will only positively affect your application.
What has been your previous engagement with the arts? *
Please state relevant engagement experiences through your university or extracurriculars and discuss any leadership roles in creative positions.
What has been your leadership experience and involvement within your own University? *
Charm City Stories is built on the foundation of collaboration across multiple universities. For this reason, we will be selecting editors who have strong ties within their own university communities.
Are you primarily interested in art, writing, both, or other? *
Arts Portfolio
If applying for the position of graphic designer, please upload works that you feel are indicative of your range and talents in the arts. If you are applying for university specific liaison, this is not required and will only positively affect you application.
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