Chili Fundraiser: Supporting Our Youth
In a world that's turned upside down, one thing that hasn't is our faith in one another and the love that we share. Although the picture may look different, we continue to charge on, remembering the "silver linings" along the way! In past years our youth have participated in many wonderful fundraisers. For obvious reasons, this year we've been unable to offer such great opportunities for our youth and community at large.

Never fear... Chili is almost here!! In an effort to raise funds for our youth program and offer a product in return for our community during a busy time of the year, we will begin turning up our oven to make some delicious chili. This will be an ongoing fundraiser through the holidays. Our youth may not be able to travel in the year to come, however, we do not want that to stop us from giving back locally. Our hope is to (at the least), get out in our community to help in these times of need. Reminding our youth that no matter what the circumstances may be, there is always a greater purpose than ourselves!

Below you can sign up for the date(s) you would like to purchase your chili. Each Friday you can order (we will send out reminders), and the following week you can pick your chili up at the Parish House during business hours 9-4PM. OR, if you are uncomfortable with getting out, let us know and we can deliver the chili to you!

Chili will be $10 a quart and both meat and veggie chili will be available for order.
Cash or Checks. Checks to be made to Bruton Parish Church with a memo to read Youth Fundraiser.
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