Student-Employee HR Assessment 2017-18
Congratulations on completing your NEWTECH HR Student Orientation!
Please take a moment to complete the following summative assessment. Thank You!
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What is your first name? *
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Which NEWTECH Program are you enrolled in? (Students here all day - just list your AM program) *
Which Session do you attend NEWTECH? *
Are you a Year 1 or Year 2 NEWTECH Student? (If you started here mid-year last year select 1/2 ) *
What is the name of your home high school? (if you are a home school student use 'home schooled') *
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What is your email address? (Use none if you don't have one) *
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What does it mean to be an excellent employee? *
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Why is it a good idea top have people with different personality traits in the same group? *
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What do you think are three important skills required for workplace success? *
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What is your responsibility in creating a safe workplace/environment in your NEWTECH program? *
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Why is it important to know about any chemicals used at your work-site (in your Program)? *
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True or False - Only Unexcused absences can negatively impact your grades and/or your ability to attend/be successful at NEWTECH. *
Let's assume the class you are enrolled in at NEWTECH has specific dress code requirements (like no shorts) - which statement below is true? *
Your instructor allows you to wear hats in class. However, when a guest speaker is scheduled to speak to your class, you should......... *
True or False - taking a quick hit on your e-cig while you walk from your bus to the school's entrance is OK? *
Is it OK to use your cell phone in the common/general areas of our building (non-program areas) during instructional hours? *
True or False - It is ok to leave class during AM or PM session and walk to Starbucks to buy a Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk. *
True or False - The classroom expectations/procedures that your instructor and your class have developed do not have to be followed when your class has a substitute teacher *
If bullying is about taking away someone's power, then the first thing you should do when someone is bullying you or someone else is..... *
Which HR presentation/seminar (on Sept. 12) did enjoy best? Why? *
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What are some examples of student responsibilities/roles in your Program? *
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