Graphic Design Rating Sheet
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First Name of the Person You are Critiquing *
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Last Name of the Person You are Critiquing *
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Describe the event topic and materials *
Materials not described and/or one or more elements are missing or incomplete
All materials described and the presenters connect the different pieces together
Explains the design and development process *
No explanation or description of the design and process
Expert industry explanation of both design and development process
Create interest and desire for the design *
Does not create interest or desire for the design
Describes at least four features that would assist in selling the product and identify how the design is connected to the existing brand of the company
Consistency in graphic design to theme *
Consistency in graphic design to theme not addressed
Emphasize interpretation of the topic and design as it relates to graphic design and theme including use of visual aids
If presenting, statements are well-organized and clearly stated
Presenter(s) did not appear prepared
Presentation flowed in a logical sequence, statements were well organized
If presenting, demonstrates self-confidence, poise,assertiveness, and good voice projection
Presenter(s) did not demonstrate self-confidence
Presenter(s) demonstrated self-confidence, poise, good voice projection, and assertiveness
If presenting, demonstrates the ability to effectively answer questions
Unable to answer questions
Interacted with the judges in the process of completely answering questions
OPTIONAL: Penalty Points--Time over 7 minutes, Dress Code not followed, Event Guidelines not followed
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