Bible Correspondence Course Enrollment - INTERNATIONAL Request Form
If you live in the USA or CANADA please use the form for our USA or CANADA addresses.
Please note: we use your email address only for notification of receipt of your literature requests or to contact you should we have problems with your mailing address.
We DO NOT use your email address for solicitation nor do we provide your email address to others for solicitation.
For more information or request lost lessons or ask questions: email us at
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Due to the difficulties we have in mailing overseas and due to variety of differences in forms of mailing addresses, we use the following process. After you complete and submit this form you will receive an automatic email response. Please verify your name and mailing address. If everything is good, please FORWARD that e-mail to us at

Be sure you enter your email address correctly as an invalid email address will invalidate your request and nothing can be sent to you. And be sure to check your email often so that you can send us your request.

Once we receive your forwarded request we will then mail you a letter and literature request form with your selections marked. When you receive the letter and form by posted mail we then need you to mail the form back to us as confirmation that you have received it and that the address as we have it is valid.

We will mail you the requested literature and/or subscriptions ONLY after we have received the literature request form from you by mail or confirmed by email using the direction in the letter that will accompany the form.

Once a written correspondence is established by regular postal mail you can make all future requests using the website and/or you can make your requests using our literature request forms by regular mail.

We look forward to hearing from you and pray that you will find the articles above to be beneficial in your studies.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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