Podcast Guest Recommendation Form - Yes, I Work From Home
Hello! We are on the lookout for people who work from home and understand the lifestyle and who also offer professional services that help other remote staff, teleworkers, entrepreneurs, etc.

If you know someone else who would be an excellent guest for our podcast, you can use this form you're in now to send in your recommendation.

If you want to fill out an interest form for yourself, please use this other more detailed form: https://forms.gle/1ExXNmJZUuewB87f8 

First, we will take a few details from you about yourself, and then you can tell us about your recommendation. Thank you!
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This podcast is going to focus on asking guests about their experiences such as what led them to work from home as well as some of the unexpected benefits and difficulties that come with the lifestyle. We are looking for what has worked and hasn't worked for them in terms of improving their work-life balance with the hope that their story will help those who already work from home or who are considering it. Do you think your interview recommendation would be a good fit for our show? Why? *
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