Evaluation Questionnaire for the Organizations of the Test – ESI Tour
The aim of this questionnaire is to test the accomplishment and organization of the visits in order to achieve the definitive tourism product, as main outcome of the projects. In the test you will express your satisfaction level of the visit, in order to help us improve and evaluate the services provided.
Name of the Organization *
Test Tour *
A) Features of the project – Before the visit
Please indicate the level of satisfaction
1. Information received about the project *
2. Availability of the coordinator to provide additional information *
3. Availability of the partners to provide additional information *
4. Level of cooperation and coordination between partners *
5. Was the time you disposed of sufficient to properly organize the visit? *
B) The visit – During the mobility
Please indicate the level of satisfaction
1. Interest of the students *
2. Availability of the accompanying professors in case of need *
3. Coordination of the different activities proposed during the visit (logistic and timing) *
4. Coherence between the activities proposed during the visit *
C) After the mobility
1. Do you think the tour has allowed your organization to improve your services as a tourism provider? *
2. Do you think that this kind of tours can be useful to attract more tourists during the low and medium season? *
3.Do you think that the tour could be improved? *
4.In which way? (you can choose more than one option) *
5. Are you satisfied with the realization of the tour? *
6. Suggestions and comments:
Thank ou for you help
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