2023 Literacy Project - “Layered Circles"
Thank you for your interest in our literacy project. 

Our goal is to publish a booklet writing stories about “support”.  We kick off with reading “The Master Key” book together,  then attend a Leadership Workshop on Journal Writing, meet some real-life Writers (all genres). Around May, we are ready to write our own chapter on the subject “Support”. Our book will be printed in the summer of 2023 and presented during our Showcase event in NYC in the Fall of 2023.  
If you are between 11-99 years of age, a female-identifying person and want to have a social impact on your community you found the right group to hang out with.  Both US and non-US participants are welcome.

You do not have to have writing experiences, just come as you are.
We will meet through zoom,  and our first meeting is set for Wednesday February 1, 7-8.30 pm EST.
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