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Thanks for your interest in the SiTN podcast, Sit'N Listen! We're currently looking for editors to help us wrap up an ongoing episode series and correspondents/interviewers for a new series of episodes to launch in the spring. Participants will work with a team of 4-6 other grad students to generate a series of episodes on related topics. In the past, we've covered areas like GMOs, sex and gender, and the use of animal models in research. If you've got an idea for an interesting topic that you think would make a good podcast series, let us know! No prior experience working with audio is necessary.

More details on all open positions:

* Editors: Editors are instrumental in shaping the content and narrative arc of episodes. You won't have to listen to your voice on tape, but you will take raw audio and turn it into genuine podcasts. Editors also work with correspondents, producers, and interviewers to hone episode scripts and story ideas.

* Correspondents: Have you read a cool paper recently that you think the world should know about? Got some cool science facts you want to share? Volunteer as a correspondent! Correspondents will be responsible for creating short scripts about topics related to the overall theme of our episode series. These scripts might focus on a recent paper, tell a vignette about a particularly pivotal moment in science history, or highlight the contributions of a particularly important scientist. Specific topics will be decided in collaboration with other members of the podcasting team.

* Interviewers: There are a lot of interesting people out there with fascinating stories to tell, and interviewers help bring those stories to life on tape. Interviewers will work closely with podcast producers, correspondents, and editors to identify interviewees and shape interview tape into an overall narrative. You'll be responsible for conducting one hour-long interview with a relevant expert on the topic of the podcast.

* Producer: Producers oversee all aspects of podcast production, including recruiting correspondents/interviewers, editing scripts, and shaping narratives. If you're looking for a fun leadership opportunity that would give you a chance to stamp your creative seal of SiTN's audio storytelling, this role could be a great fit.

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