Accessible Skateparks Survey (global)
Skateistan’s Goodpush Alliance is doing this survey together with the non-profit organizations Drop In e.V. and SEHstern e.V.

We want to find out how skateparks worldwide can be more accessible for everyone. This survey is confidential – that means your name will not appear with your answers publicly. There are no wrong answers, so please answer the statements as truthfully as possible.

The results of the survey will be released online. Your answers will help the skateboard community to learn how to make skateparks better. If you give us your e-mail address, we'll send you the results. Questions? Contact Thanks for your time!

We think it’s important to hear from people with disabilities directly. Parents/guardians can also help fill out the survey for those who are unable to do so. Of course you can choose any person you like to help answer the questions in the survey.

DEADLINE: 20 October 2020
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1. Please tell us a bit about yourself below!
Email Address:
Your Location (city & country):
Number of years skateboarding/WCMX:
How often do you skate and where mostly?
Any disabilities that you have (optional):
2. Tell us about barriers in a skatepark for you.
Pick the skatepark you normally go to. Think about what makes it difficult to get to the skatepark or use certain obstacles (elements) in the skatepark.
a) What are barriers on the way to the skatepark? (for example no public transportation and/or long travel):
b) What are barriers in the skatepark? (for example: “I can’t get up the ramp”):
3. How welcome do you feel when you go to a skatepark? (for example: are other people friendly, do people talk to you?)
4. Think about what your dream skatepark looks like.
a) What would the skatepark environment and surroundings be like?
a) What obstacles would your dream skatepark have?
5. What’s your favorite skatepark and why? Where is it?
6. Is there something you always wanted to say about skateparks or skateboarding in general?
Thank you for filling out the survey!
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