Coalition of Community Artists
To help simplify the process of collecting impact statements from my fellow artists, I created this questionnaire (with the help of my gracious and talented Artistic Director). Please answer only once per organization.
In order to ensure we do not get multiple answers from the same organization(s) or individuals, please provide an email address. It may also be used to seek clarification on any answers, so it must be a valid and monitored address. Your information will not be shared unless you agree "Yes" at the end of this questionnaire. *
My organization is a(n): *
Our annual budget is: *
We are located in: *
We offer: *
Last year, we had ____ Independent Contractors: *
If we converted ALL of last year's/season's ICs to either part-time or temporary hourly employee status, it would cost us: (express in $ or % value) *
With the changes we made, we will have to either scale back our offered programs/services OR close before the end of 2020.
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My biggest concern is:
If I could ask any question, it would be:
Anything else on your mind?
I give you (Coalition of Community Artists) permission to share my answers to this survey with lawmakers. *
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