BRVGS Parent Handbook Signature and Information Form 2018-19
Dear BRVGS Parents and Students,

BRVGS is providing the online form below for parents and students to indicate that they have read and understand the BRVGS Parent/Student Handbook for the 2018-19 school year.

Parents are also given the opportunity to update their email address and/or phone number for messages from BRVGS. This is the easiest way to receive important information from BRVGS. You are not required to provide this info, and should only do so if you do not mind being contacted by BRVGS via email or phone call.

The full BRVGS Handbook can be found at our website under the tab "About BRVGS" or at the following link:

Please fill out this form by September 20, 2018. Since the Acceptable Use of Technology is part of the Handbook, if we do not receive a signature by September 20, 2018 your child will lose computer access through BRVGS until the signatures are received.

Please contact BRVGS Director Marc Carraway at for any questions or concerns regarding the BRVGS Handbook or signature form. Best wishes to all of our parents and students for a great 2018-19 school year!

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Student must enter initials here to indicate that they understand and agree to abide by the policies set forth in the BRVGS Handbook 2018-19 *
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Parents must place first and last name here to indicate that they understand and support the policies and procedures set forth in the BRVGS Handbook 2018-19. *
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Please list any phone number(s) to be added to BRVGS's calling system to receive important information and updates from BRVGS regarding your child.
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Please list parent's preferred email address here ONLY if you give permission for BRVGS to contact you directly with news and information.
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BRVGS provides pizza lunch for students at most field trips. BRVGS tries to accommodate food allergies as long as they are documented through the school. Please list any documented food allergies and email documentation to
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Please check ONLY if you prefer that your child's image, name or work NOT be used in BRVGS publications.
I would like a paper copy of the BRVGS Handbook mailed to me.
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BRVGS is currently working to develop new courses for implementation in 2019-2020. If you would like to provide input to help us prioritize opportunities, please respond by scoring the topics or course types with a score of 1 (lowest priority) to 4 (highest). To see current BRVGS course offerings, go to:
Course type: Online Electives for 9th/10th graders
Course type: Summer online courses
Course type: Advanced Placement
Course Type: Dual Enrollment (College and high school)
Additional Engineering courses
Additional Computer Science Courses
Additional Life Sciences Courses
Additional Mathematics Courses
Subject: Principles of Design
Subject: Leadership
Subject: Economics and Personal Finance
Please provide any additional suggestions for BRVGS to consider while planning for new courses.
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