UBCAni 2020 Valentine's Social Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest in helping run our annual Valentine's Social. We'll be looking for people to fill the given roles, so please fill in the ones you're interested in, and we'll be sure to contact you later. As thanks for helping out, we'll be providing free entry to the event, as well as raffle tickets.

Volunteer Positions:

Registration Table
- Check attendees into the event
- Distribute tickets upon entry

Coat Check
- Receive items to be held for safekeeping throughout the event
- Return items to their owners upon request

Refreshments Table
- Refill snack bowls once supply is low
- Serve drinks to attendees upon request

- Watch throughout the event for blacklisted individuals
- Report to executives regarding any suspicious behaviour

Please arrive well in advance of the event for volunteer orientations and setup.

We'll be using Facebook to communicate between volunteers, so please leave a link for your profile so that we may contact you.
Full Name *
Which duties are you interested in? *
Please check as many jobs as you're interested in so that we may put you in a position you're comfortable with.
Which blocks of times are you available? *
Please input the hours that you'll be available so that we can better schedule our volunteers accordingly.
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