AIM Mentors Interest Form
Our aim is to inspire local high school students aspiring to ease their transition through high school towards college and careers by connecting them with mentors and providing them with resources to pursue valuable opportunities.*

This is for adults who are:

- looking to provide additional support throughout this upcoming academic year
- desiring to give guidance for mentee's future goals
- wanting to connect and support local high-school students who have similar interests
- seeking to give strategies to assist with online learning

Expectations for participation in this program:

- College mentors should be between the ages of 18-22 (unless you are a high-school senior interested in tutoring younger students)
- Mentors should be full-time employees OR currently enrolled in higher education (college, community college, trade school, work-certification program, etc.)
- Regularly meet with and communicate with your mentee virtually (based on an agreed upon schedule; AT LEAST once a month)
- Correspond with your mentee via email, text, or a video-chat platform such as Zoom or Google Meet

Our aim is to prioritize the safety of our mentees, so all potential mentors should be open to background checks based on the information provided in this form.

*Mentees/mentors are going to be automatically grouped by gender; if a non-binary mentee wants a non-binary mentor, that is also an option, but you must both make that claim in the application.
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