Nightmare Festival 2021 Media Team Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Nightmare Festival media team!

Nightmare Festival has a reputation for delivering stacked lineups, spooky vibes, and community. Our media team is there to capture those memories and tell the Nightmare story in a responsible and professional way.

If you want press credentials for a media outlet or blog, this application is not for you.
We'd love to chat with you directly though. Please contact our Media Manager at the email below.

Email all media questions to
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This Section is Very Important
The following information is IMPORTANT! Read it carefully and don't apply if you don't agree. Violation of these rules may result in loss of credentials, or in extreme cases, removal from the festival.

Terms and Conditions of this Agreement
- Unless otherwise specified by the Nightmare Festival Media Manager, you are applying to work as an unpaid volunteer.
- Completing this form or being selected for the media team does not constitute an employment offer or agreement.
- Food, drink, supplies, lodging, and travel expenses are not covered expenses unless otherwise specified by the Media Manager.
- You are responsible for the security and safe storage of your equipment. We cannot help you in the event of a loss.
- You release Nightmare Festival and all other parties from liability in the event that you get sick or injured at Nightmare Festival.

Safety, Comfort, and Consent
- The safety, comfort, and consent of everyone is our top priority.
- If someone asks you not to photograph them, stop immediately and delete any photos of that person.
- We do not allow creepy photographers. Any such reports are taken very seriously. Don't not be that person.
- Take care of each other and be on the lookout for people in distress. Report any emergencies to security immediately.
- Take care of yourself. Get rest, drink water, and don't do dumb stuff. If you feel unwell let someone know.

Credentials and Access
- All media will be provided written instructions explaining their access and credentials.
- Your access can be changed at any time by festival management and security staff.
- Unless you are specifically given permission by the Nightmare Festival Media Manager, you DO NOT have stage access.
- Do not test the limits of your credentials. Our staff take this seriously.

- All media team members are expected to follow instructions and remain focused on assignments.
- All media are expected to behave professionally and remain sober while working or backstage.
- You are not competing against other photographers. Take turns and stay out of the way.
- Don't be a dick. You are expected to be respectful at all times.

No Drones Without Permission
- You may only bring a drone with advance permission from the Nightmare Festival Media Manager.
- Anyone requesting in advance to bring a drone must have a valid FAA PART 107 license and a valid Certificate of Insurance
- Drone flights must be supervised or approved on-site by the Nightmare Festival Media Manager.
- Drones being operated without permission may be confiscated by security.
Media Guidance
- By completing this form you agree to give Nightmare Festival unrestricted usage rights to any content you submit.
- Specific media guidance and instructions for delivering content will be sent to you if you are selected for the media team.
- Failure to follow these instructions and further media guidance may result in your images not being used.

What We are Looking For
- Media team members are expected to deliver diverse photo albums of at least 125 non-repetitive images each day.
- Nightmare Festival is about the music, good vibes, spooky vibes, and community. Your albums should reflect this.
- We expect you to carefully select and carefully edit only your best photos.
- Don't send repetitive images, blurry images, grainy images, etc.
- We are not interested in albums that are mostly photos of DJs.
- If you just want to shoot the main stage the whole time, please do not apply. You are expected to spend the majority of your time in other areas of the festival.

Posting Images from Nightmare Festival
- Do not post your images to social media without approval from the Nightmare Festival Media Manager.
- We will select the best photos submitted to us for use in the official albums. Some photos may not be posted.
- You will be credited/tagged when we post photos in our official album.
- We cannot guarantee credit/tagging for any media content that is posted outside of our official albums.
Do you agree to these terms and conditions? *
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