Nanny Application
This application is to be completed by nannies who are looking for consistent Full or Part Time nanny work ONLY!
If you are looking for on-demand sitting jobs (occasional, days, nights, weekends), do NOT complete this application. Send your resume to

Before submitting an application, please take some time to review For Nannies: In order to be a nanny, previous nanny experience (consistent part/full time) is REQUIRED. We look for outstanding, happy, reliable, energetic, engaging, active, healthy and loving nannies. We do NOT accept nannies that text/or are on their phones during working hours.

We are very selective, so please take your time when completing our NANNY APPLICATION. Our families are ultimately responsible for all hiring decisions and as such, we do not guarantee jobs or placements. For more information visit our Terms & Conditions:

If you are accepted into our network, relevant excerpts of this form may be submitted to families you are applying to work with.

Thank you for your interest & we look forward to reviewing your application!

-NY Nanny Center, a Bell Family Company

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4. Where are you originally from (hometown city/state OR city/country)? *
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8. NY Nanny Center/BFC does not charge the nanny for the placement process, however if your application is accepted you will be required to pay $10 for your background check. Are you willing to pay for this? *
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