R-Ladies Chicago End of the Year Survey!
Tell us what you think about our events and how we can make them better in 2019!

Please note that all ratings on this survey are on a 1 to 5 scale!
The format of this survey is not mobile device-friendly. Please consider using a computer or tablet to complete this survey.

The goal for this survey is two-fold:
1. To obtain feedback about past and future R-Ladies Chicago events in order to improve chapter programming.
2. To obtain a survey dataset that we can analyze in R to discuss best practices when exploring survey data (so some questions may seem silly/redundant).

Therefore, we will be analyzing this data in R for our December Meetup! All data will be de-identified and no contact information will be included when using this data at our next Meetup.

Email us at chicago [at] rladies.org if you have any questions.

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About Our Past Events
Overall, how satisfied are you with our events? *
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Overall, how useful is the information presented at our Meetups? *
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Please rate our event learning environment (scale of 1-5) *
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R-Ladies events have made me aware of useful R-related resources
I feel that R-Ladies events have improved my R skills
I feel welcome at R-Ladies events
Rate our event logistics (scale of 1-5) *
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5 (Strongly agree)
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Events are at a variety of central locations
I like the food & beverages served at events
Organizers are organized and prepared at Meetups.
Length of events is too short
Length of events is too long
Rate our 2018 Meetups! (scale of 1-5) *
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5 (Awesome!)
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February: Make your own R package
March: Introduction to tidy evaluation
April: Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis & Mapping in R
May: 3 Ways to Make a Data Visualization
July: Summer Social - Sip & Code
July: Game Time! Minecraft in R
August: Astrostatistics in R
September: Pro-tips on Starting your Data Science Career
October: HacktobeRfest with the Chicago R Users Group
November: Git + R
How has R-Ladies been helpful to you? *
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What do you like the most about our events? *
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What do you like the least about our events? *
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Feedback for Future R-Ladies Events
At R-Ladies Meetups, I would like to see more... *
Are there specific topics or tutorials you would like to learn more about at a future R-Ladies Event? Please list/describe
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Any suggestions for improvement?
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Any general comments?
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