Monitoring the Sedated Patient
Presented by: Anna Biddick, Dr Rohit Bedi and Dr Nick Stretton
A formal education and training course that fulfils the mandatory DCNZ requirements for education and training in the Sedation Practice Standard from 1st October 2019.

This course will enable you to gain certified competency to monitor sedated patients. It is designed for the whole dental team who monitor sedated patients, either with minimal experience or needing an introduction to capnography. It does not teach you how to sedate patients. The course will involve a full day of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training leading to certification.

Participants will gain an understanding of:
— The definitions of minimal, moderate, and deep sedation; and general anaesthesia.
— That the transition from complete consciousness through the various stages of sedation to general anaesthesia is a continuum and not a set of discrete well-defined stages.
— The risks associated with sedation.

And deeper knowledge in:
— Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous systems in relation to sedation.
— How to monitor the sedated patient – physical and physiological monitoring including the central nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and necessary equipment – appropriate for the technique(s) and drugs being used, and the intended level of sedation.
— How to identify sedation-related complications; and when to advise the ‘sedationist’ or ‘operator-sedationist’ of any abnormalities or concerns, and initiate or assist in the management of a medical emergency.

The course takes a full day starting at 8:30am and finishing at 5pm. Total CPD hours are 7.25
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