Evernote Pain Points (User Survey Mk2!)
Still using the older version of Evernote despite the release of the new v10?

A lot of Evernote users (me included) are still using the 'old' version of the app most or all of the time, maybe because the new version lacks some essential feature that they require.

This is NOT an 'official' Evernote survey, but maybe we can help the company improve their new package so it's usable for more of us. I'm not knocking it in any way, but the app currently lacks some of the features which (IMHO) made it great. Evernote are going great guns at adding many of them back - this is just to help them with priorities.

If you already completed a previous survey for me - thanks! You don't have to do it again. This new form is to allow more people to comment.
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Any other relevant thoughts or comments?
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