Bday Game: Information form
All information you provide won't be misused or shared with third-parties. I need the information to come up with the best possible story and portray all people/avatars and events as truthfully as possible. Better the information, higher the emotional value of the game for the person.
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Person receiving the game:
How should other characters call him/her in the game?
Occasion for the person to receive the game as a gift: *
The person will play the game: *
Considering the occasion - story should be mainly: *
Mood for the game and it’s story should be mainly: *
Based on the answers from previous questions write down the most significant events/situations that are most important to show/say (past/future/fiction/funny/emotional): *
What are typical characteristics of the person receiving the game? (shy/confident/funny etc.) *
How would you describe them? What are their hobbies, work or typical activities, phrases etc.? *
Things that they like (food, places, games, movies, books, historic era etc.) *
Things they definitely don’t like (people, food, places, games, movies, books etc.) *
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