Events Survey
Please fill out this survey to help us better serve your future event needs. Responses will remain anonymous.
Have you revised your event budget for the remainder of 2020? *
If yes, by what percentage? *Optional
Have you revised your event budget for 2021? *
If yes, by what percentage? *Optional
When is the earliest you are rescheduling canceled meetings/events? *
Once the threat of COVID-19 has diminished, do you anticipate planning more or fewer meetings and events than previously? *
Are you currently planning and/or booking any new in-person meetings/events? *
Are you currently planning and/or booking any virtual meetings/events? *
For virtual meetings, which of the following are you considering? (Check all that apply) *
Are you considering hosting any hybrid events (limited attendees based on venue capacity for physical distancing, remainder remote audience)? *
What precautions will you implement for your future in-person or hybrid events? (Check all that apply) *
For near-future events, which of the following do you still anticipate ordering from a food/beverage vendor? (Check all that apply) *
Which of the following measures would you most like to see for a food/beverage setup: *
Out of all of your upcoming meetings/events, which percentage include videoconferencing? *
What is the typical duration of a videoconferenced meeting/event for your organization?
How many people do you anticipate attending your future videoconferenced meetings/events? How many of those do you anticipate attending in person?
Are you satisfied with the video/sound quality of your previous videoconference sessions? If not, please explain:
What was the best videoconference experience you’ve had? Why?
Please use this section for any questions you may have specifically for the Brower Center along with an email address if a response is needed.
Any further suggestions, questions, or considerations not mentioned in this survey?
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