AWARE Volunteers Registration Form - 2019

To register as a volunteer, you must be 15 years of age and above as on 1st Jan 2019. All volunteers shall abide by the rules and regulations and participate as a volunteer in the NAME OF THE EVENT and shall not hold the Promoter, event sponsors, coordinators or core members responsible for any mishaps injury or loss of life whatsoever that may occur in the course of, or as a result of his/her participation in the event.

You must ensure that information and details provided in the volunteer registration form are correct.

Information on briefing dates will be intimated to you on the email address provided. You must be able to commit to the time schedules provided and as may be intimated to you at the time of induction. Briefings are mandatory and attendance will be taken, as important and useful information will be briefed. A reminder call will be made to you prior to training or briefing sessions.

You will be allocated your preferred projects and roles as far as possible, related experience or special skills will be taken into consideration. However, the Administration Team reserves the right to reallocate positions should the need arise.
Registering yourself as a volunteer implies that you have confirmed your availability for the commitment period that you’ve given in the registration form

You are required to report punctually at the times as may be intimated in the communications. You are strongly encouraged to keep the contact details of your event or project coordinators for emergency purposes.

The address of all email communication with respect to volunteering with AWARE is
Any emails or inquiries will be replied or attended to within 3 working days. The Administrative team reserves the right to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of volunteers for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising.

The Administrative team reserves the right to dismiss a volunteer from his/her duties based on any of the following behaviors or more:

1. Dishonesty (including but not limited to provision of false information during registration)
2. Absenteeism (including but not limited to absence of duty without informing project or event coordinators for more than 3 months)
3. Insubordination (willingly and purposefully not following instructions/ disobedient behavior)
4. Inappropriate behavior. The organizing team intends to provide a volunteer environment that is pleasant, healthy, comfortable and free from intimidation, hostility or other offenses, which might interfere in the course of the volunteer experience. All harassment offences of any sort will not be tolerated and should be reported to your project or event coordinators immediately. Volunteers who are dismissed based on the above reason(s) and/or reasons that the Coordinator deems unacceptable may be blacklisted and not allowed to volunteer for any of the future AWARE Event.

It is important to note that volunteers who come in contact with journalists or the media in general will play a vital role in creating a positive impression. Volunteers are required to:

1. Refrain from providing any information that may be deemed confidential or reserved for the sole knowledge of the event organizing team,
2. Promptly refer the query/matter to the event PR team media or alternatively at the Event media centre at the event venue.

You are encouraged to:
1. Provide feedback on your volunteer experience or suggestions for improvement to your respective coordinators.
2. Complete the volunteer feedback form that will be made available on the day of event and return it to your coordinators upon completion.

Volunteers must uphold a professional code of conduct. Every volunteer is a representative of the AWARE and is required to maintain all the rules and regulations of the Organization.

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