MOUNTAIN MOVERS: New All-in-One Form for Month End Reporting
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Please check if you completed a Power Program level
Please give your numbers: parties/faces, career surveys, wholesale, and new team members (you may also give this for accountability if you didn't complete a power level). Example: 3P, 14cs, $1200/1ntm
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Please provide the number of group bookings on your books for this coming month.
Although we do recognition for Book 5 and up, please provide any number of group bookings starting with 1. If you are submitting for a challenge, please provide full list with hostess, date, phone number, guests. (here or separately)
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If you MOVED UP this past month, please give new title
Ideally we like previous career path title and new career path title. Alternately, or if a case is complex, you can indicate, for example, "new red" or "back in red".
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Here is the current move up promo!
How many customers have you had this Seminar year who have re-ordered at least $50? Please provide a running total for the full Seminar Year (from July 1-present). You will be recognized at each new level - see flyer. New customers count when they re-order at least $50.
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Thank you for your accountability! Have a fabulous month and please reach out if you need any support in your business!
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