Week 25 of Laws of the Game quiz 2017-2018 - questions by Dutch Referee Blog
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1. There are no other considerations (ground conditions or safety) to determine the goal for the kicks from the penalty mark during a penalty series. How is then decided at which goal the kicks will be taken? *
2. Which team starts the penalty kicks? *
3. Team A was reduced to ten players because of a red card before the penalty shootout. Number 11 of team B was excluded from his team to reduces the number of players to the same number of players as team A. Is the number 11 eligible to take part in the kicks? *
4. After three kicks of each team in the penalty shoot-out the goalie of Team A, who is not injured, wants to change with one of his team-mates. Is this allowed? *
5. When is a penalty kick completed? *
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