Ocrelizumab for PPMS

Do you agree that the ocrelizumab trial results show that PPMS is modifiable?
Are the ocrelizumab trial results meaningful for pwPPMS?
Ocrelizumab will delay the need for using a wheelchair by about 4 years.
Do you think it is fair that only pwPPMS who can afford to pay privately should have access to ocrelizumab?
If ocrelizumab is not licensed by the EMA, or greenlighted by NICE, it will create a perverse situation were pwPPMS who can afford to pay for ocrelizumab privately will have access to the drug, whilst the majority of pwPPMS will not be treated.
What should be done to allow pwPPMS to access to ocrelizumab?
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What type of MS do you have?
What country do you live in?
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