Audition/Contact Form: Oedipus Rex - Sophocles
Production dates: 26 July - 4 August Masque Theatre Muizenberg

Audition date: TBA
Time: TBA
Venue: TBA (Claremont or Kenilworth)

Audition info: Please prepare an extract from the play, showcasing what you can do.

Play text for audition:

Characters we are looking for:

* Shepherd, male, who looks at least 55 years old - this is the shepherd who found Oedipus as a baby. Small but dramatic role

* 3 males needed for the chorus of Theban “elders" - so we need mature actors (preferably at least 35 years of age) who must have excellent articulation and a good sense of poetic rhythm . This is a sizable role and requires versatility.

* Oedipus’ young daughters - 4 girls, aged approx 9 and 11 (these are walk-on roles: we would like two pairs of children that can alternate performances; very little rehearsing required)

There are no inconsequential roles - even the small roles are satisfying roles for an actor, and are highly dramatic, essential to creating the dramatic tension of the play, and we are seeking talented highly dedicated actors for these.

Please note that this is a community theatre production and therefore no remuneration will be paid.
All cast and crew members will be required to join as members of Claremont Dramatic Society for the current year.

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