Understanding and Treating Female Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (rUTIs)
Assuré Medical in conjunction with the UL Hospital Group are using this anonymous online survey to gather data from women to help understand rUTIs fully which it is intended will guide design and development of a non-antibiotic solution for preventing rUTIs in the future. Participating in the survey includes providing information on current treatment and management of rUTIs, the impact of rUTI on general health, quality of life and sexual activity. We assure you that the data is anonymized and no individual will be linked to any specific statements. We confirm that the data gathered will not be used by, or supplied to, any third parties and it will be stored securely for a maximum duration of 5 years. You have the option to withdraw consent by not participating in the survey. If data that identifies the individual is entered in response to any of the questions, it will be deleted by us before we continue to process the responses. This is to ensure the anonymity of the data. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. Your feedback is hugely valuable. We may summarise the anonymous survey responses for information sharing and marketing purposes.
I consent to providing information concerning my personal experience dealing with recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTI) including information that pertains to my sexual health. I consent that this information will be used by Assuré Medical Ltd. for the sole purpose of rUTI product development and related insights. I consent that the information shared will be retained by Assuré Medical Ltd for a maximum duration of 5yrs. *
Q. 1 Where have you been attending for medical advice regarding urinary tract infections? (Select all applicable) *
Q. 2 Which age group are you in? *
Q. 3 Please confirm the number of recently diagnosed urinary tract infections?
Q. 4 Over the past year, approximately how many times have you had symptoms of a urinary tract infection? *
Q. 5 Do any of the following apply to you? Please select all that apply *
Q. 6 Are you sexually active? If so, approximately how often do you have intercourse? *
Q. 7 Have you noticed sexual intercourse being a trigger for urinary tract infections? *
Q. 8 Do you miss days of work or education because of urinary tract infections? *
Q. 9 How do you feel about the following statement: "Recurrent UTIs have a negative effect on my relationship with my partner." *
Q. 10 Do recurrent urinary tract infections, and/or the fear of developing a urinary tract infection interfere with your sex life? *
Q. 11 Have you tried any of the following (non-antibiotic) products in an effort to reduce urinary tract infection frequency? Please tick all that apply
Q. 12 If you have tried any of the non-antibiotic products above, how effective did you find them?
Q. 13 How have you used antibiotics to manage urinary tract infections? Please select all methods that you are currently using or have tried previously *
Q. 14 What is your experience with different ways of taking antibiotics? Please select all that apply *
Q. 15 Which of the following antibiotics have you commonly been prescribed to treat or prevent UTIs? Select all that apply *
Q. 16 Do you experience side-effects from antibiotics? Select all that apply *
Q. 17 What costs apply to you when treating and managing your rUTIs? *
Q. 18 Can you quantify the monthly costs in treating and managing your rUTIs? *
Q. 19 It is known that most UTIs occur when bacteria (bugs) travel up the urethra (the water passage where urine leaves the bladder). Development is in progress for a non-antibiotic solution that women would self-apply before sexual intercourse. It is thought that this would help to prevent a UTI from developing. If this were shown to be as good as, or better than, the treatment or method you currently use for UTIs, how willing would you be to try it? *
Q. 20 Few treatments are effective absolutely all of the time. In your opinion, how good would this solution have to be at stopping you from getting a UTI to make it worth using regularly? *
Q. 21 It is anticipated that the treatment will be available through pharmacies in a pack of 5 singe use applications. Please specify what price you would be willing to pay? *
Q. 22 Do you have any other thoughts on the idea of self-application in the urethra to prevent UTIs? *
Q. 23 In what country do you reside? *
Q. 24 In what city/region do you reside?
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