Caledonia Highway Clean-Up
Date: Saturday, September 22
Time: 12:30-2:30pm

For this opportunity, we need 15 no more than 20 people. We have the two mile stretch from 76th to 92nd on M-37 as you have probably seen the signs now. My thoughts is to have groups start from opposite directions on either side of the road and work towards each other. Along with that people can be dropped in the middle so each group is only cleaning a 1 mile stretch.

I was thinking of meeting at the church at 12:30 with a start time of 1:00. We will begin by watching a 10 minute MDOT Safety video. MDOT asks people to work in minimum of groups of 3 working towards traffic with 1 person acting as a spotter for safety. The video also goes into what not to pickup like road kills, suspected drugs, etc. After we watch the safety video then we can hand out supplies, form up groups and ferry people to drop off locations. My guess is it will not take longer than hour, two hours at the maximum.

**Age requirement is 13 years or older.

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