Waiting List - “Solo Experienced” WEEKLY series: fall application (September through December 2020)
Please note: all submissions from this point on will be waitlisted.

The OC1 "Solo Experienced" fall training series places experienced paddlers in 1x weekly advanced coached sessions designed to challenge the abilities and develop the potential of each participant. Because of COV2 regulations as well as limited equipment and dock space, paddlers applying for this program will be placed by the coaching group into one of four available weekly practice sessions.

Coaches will work to accommodate the individual scheduling preferences you set out below, bearing in mind the challenges of allocating paddlers across limited seats. After submitting your application, we will provide you with registration links for specific weekly practices. If the assigned training sessions cannot work for you, please let us know so that we can contact wait-listed paddlers. Scheduling challenges aside, we are confident that these classes will provide challenging, performance-enhancing and fun.

Paddlers are encouraged to complete their applications and preferred practice dates (links below) and send them before Monday 24 August. Registration and payment links will be sent to applicants on or before Wednesday 26 August.
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Saturday Series (5 Sept to 12 Dec, 9:30 am)
Sunday Series (6 Sept to 13 Dec, 9:30 am)
Tuesday Series (8 Sept to 15 Dec, 7:30 pm)
Thursday Series (10 Sept to 17 Dec, 7:30 pm)
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While age is not a finite selection criterion, it will help coaches work with your future goals at the competitive crew and solo boat level.
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