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Use the following form to enroll as a talent and let users book one hour of your time for a conversation. You can decide a fee for one hour of your time. You meet the person, who has booked your time, either at a nearby cafeteria or over a video call.

We are looking to enrolling talents from technology, creativity, music, acting, legal, medicine, science, space, architects, artists, writers, comedians, environmentalists, activists, nature science, people from startups, corporate, government, politics, in leadership, advertising, environment, education, design, non-profits, entertainment, finance, marketing, foreign education, sales, HR, management, athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers, ex-pats, people in challenging professions - firefighters, army people, pilots, air hostess, investigators, intriguing personas like bikers, tattoo experts, adventure sports persons, bartenders and so many more. You can add your talent to this list too!

Snug is a talent friendly platform. As a talent,

1. You get to decide your own fee for meeting someone
2. You get to decide your availability
3. After the meeting is booked with you, we send you a picture of the user and the purpose shared by the user for booking you.
4. You can decide whether you want to accept or reject this meeting.
5. You can enrich your life by interacting with others
6. You get your fees within 48 hours of the meeting conclusion
7. Both the parties get to rate each other and based on the reviews, our platform takes appropriate measures

We may contact you based on the coordinates you share in this form, via WhatsApp and/or email.

Please Note:
1. You need to be above 18 years of age for using Snug.
2. Submitting your details in this form does not mean you have got qualified on Snug as a Talent.
3. While everyone can lend an ear and motivate,  you would need to come up with something more substantial for us to accept your registration.
4. Any applications propagating alternate medicine, superstition, extremism, pseudoscience or illegal practices will be rejected.
5. It is mandatory to create a simple video as one of the final steps of enrollment, to establish your authenticity. 
6. Please send your introductory video to us on email or WhatsApp.
7. Only when we receive the video, your video profile will be live on Snug for people to book your time.

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