Thank You, from the VGM Jukebox Podcast
Hey Patrons. This used to be the place where you could send us your video game music recommendations for the VGM Jukebox, but now that the show has ended, we're going to use the space to express our gratitude for you instead.

The VGM Jukebox podcast was a simple listener request show that wound up growing into its own community of friends. When we decided to encourage listeners to include "testimonials" along with the tunes they submitted -- a description of why they liked the track, for example, or maybe a childhood memory they had with it -- we never could have imagined how unreservedly that idea would be embraced.

Because of your openness, enthusiasm, and willingness to spend time writing something down, we got to know one another, celebrate each other's memories, and preserve the kinds of beautiful everyday experiences that often wind up buried and forgotten in dusty archives. By the time the jukebox "bar" was closing its doors, listener-submitted karaokes had been a regular feature, patrons were putting together solo episodes for our feed entirely on their own, and some of you were even leading new VGM shows and communities yourselves.

After nearly three years of weekly episodes, we look back at the outpouring of creativity and feelings from you all and are amazed.

Thank you for building this incredible experience with us and trusting us with your thoughts and memories. And as you know by now, you mean so much to us... and you always will.

Emily & Josh
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