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If the hedgehog is for your child(ren), please list their age(s). If the hedgehog is for someone else, state your relationship to them. If the hedgehog will be a class pet, include the school, your position, and other details (age of the students, where the hedgehog will be kept overnight or on weekends/holidays).
Who will be responsible for the hedgehog's care? *
Including vet care.
Do you have any hedgehog experience? *
If yes: What kind of experience?
How long did you own the hedgehog? What happened to it? (If deceased, state the age/cause.) If you have not owned a hedgehog, what other kind of experience have you had?
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Include species and how many. If other hedgehogs, include age, sex, and source for each one.
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If rent, please include your landlord's name and contact info. If you are a student and are (or will be) living in dorms or college housing, please include the name of your school.
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Include cage type (i.e. bin, wire cage, C&C), approx. dimensions, and any other details.
What heating source/set-up will you be using? *
Include the approx. temperature you intend to keep the cage.
What kind of bedding will you be using? *
Liners, wood shavings, Carefresh, etc. (If shavings, include the kind.)
What kind of food will you be feeding your hedgehog? *
Include brand(s) and specific formulas.
What kind of wheel will your hedgehog have? *
Include approx. size/diameter and type.
Do you have a vet in mind? *
If yes, include name, name of practice, address, phone number, and exotics/hedgehog experience. If no, would you like help finding one?
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If you are planning to purchase any supplies along with your hedgehog, let us know!
Let us know what you're looking for in a hedgehog!
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Select all that you would be interested in (or would consider). We produce some of these characteristics more than others, therefore some will require a longer wait. We encourage you to choose your hedgehog based on personality rather than appearance, but these traits will be considered when we contact people on our waiting list about available babies.
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We sometimes have older hedgehogs available. Select all that you are interested in (or would consider).
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