Fantasy Fight LIVE! | BETA Registration
Firesplash Entertainment is currently developing a stream overlay (for Twitch-Streamers) consisting of an extension (Panel or Overlay component (recommended)) and a client running on your PC.

By submitting this form you can register yourself for our beta. This means you will have early access to preview versions. We need your assistance to make the game stable enough for general availability.
We hope to have a first beta out for the beta group around the end of november.
Entering the form does not guarantee to participate in the beta but there are no explicit requirements to qualify for beta except being affiliate. We might roll out the extension in waves.
How does it work?
FFL! is a one-on-one Rock-Paper-Scissors based game.

Your viewers will be able to eighter join a randomized pool (system picks who will fight against whom) or challenge other viewers who enabled the extension (One time Opt-In as we need the viewer name and also don't want to disturb users who don't want to play)

The duel is always Best-Of-[3/5/7] (streamer can set how many rounds per duel).
1. Both viewers choose a hero
2. Each round they need to tell their hero what to do (Melee, Ranged or Parry)
3. Animation is played in stream
4. Round winner is chosen by the system based on the RPS model (melee beats ranged, ranged beats parry and parry beats melee)
5. Next round starts at point 2 if it is not yet clear who will win.

The players only have a limited amount of orders so they can not let the heros always do the same (for best of 5 this means 2x melee, 2x ranged and 2x parry available). It will (later) be possible to use bits (configurable) to buy additional orders (opponent will be informed prior to duel so he can also buy if he wants)
Important setup notice
The game itself is a soiftware thet needs to run in background on your streaming PC.
It will be set up as a game capture in OBS or whatever you use. It is transparent and acts exactly as an overlay like Tipeee or Streamlabs.

Further you need to embed the "Firesplash Game Canvas" extension int your stream as overlay component or panel. This extension will have more features in future like a quiz app and LootBuster but for now it's only for "FFL!".

The Game Client on your PC will show the animations and take care of the duel flow. It connects to our server which communicates with your game client and your viewer's extensions.
The extension is like a remote control app and will enable yout viewers to control their hero.

By the way: You can only install the extension when we accept your beta application (whitelisting in effect).
Data Protection notice
Any information you enter into this form is transmitted,. saved and processed to and by Google.
We do not ask for personal information so please do also not enter some.
This is only about your twitch channel.
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Thank you for your interest!
If any of your information change in future you can edit your data. You will get a link for this after submission. Save it!

Please allow us to contact you on twitch by whispering. Our Channel is - If you block incoming whispers please whisper us.

Further we'd suggest you to join our discord and leave your discord id below.
Note: Sending invites via twitch is super-awful. If possible join our discord and put your discord id below. You will also get exclusive information via our special beta users channel.
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As of July 2019 we require you to tell us a contact email. We want to be able to reach you. Your invite will be delivered there but no spam of course. You will receive an invite to join our FFL news group but you may decline that if you don't want to be informed of new updates.
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