DWJ Public Policy Leadership Fellowship Program 2020/21
Be part of the DWJ Public Policy Fellowship Program Cohort 5. Deadine August 15, 2020.

Black Women Organized for Political Action and the Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment (BWOPA/TILE) launched the Dezie Woods Jones (DWJ) Fellowship initiative in 2015 creating space for 35 young leaders to examine and build on BWOPA's core issues - Health, Education, Criminal Justice and Economic Security. Learn more about the past Fellows here.

Annually, BWOPA/TILE welcomes applicants between the ages of 17-40 for a highly selective, seven-week program that prepares and develops emerging leaders to become subject matters experts, advocates and innovators of public policies that positively impact their communities.

The overall goal of the DWJ Public Policy Fellowship initiative is to develop capable BWOPA/TILE’s successors and culture-keepers that will champion a new body of policy work spotlighting BWOPA’s core issues – Criminal Justice Reform, Health, Economic Security and Education.
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