PDC 2020: Scholarship Application
Thanks for your interest in the Permaculture Design Certificate Course being offered by Tilth Alliance and Beacon Food Forest! We are happy to be able to offer a limited number of full and partial scholarships. Recognizing the importance of diversity in permaculture, we are seeking a diverse cohort of students and will prioritize scholarship applications from those who would otherwise face barriers to participating in this type of permaculture training.

We will be reviewing applications and awarding scholarships on an ongoing basis, so apply as soon as possible if you are interested.
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We have a limited amount of scholarship funds and want to use them to support people who would otherwise not be able to access this kind of certification course. Please let us know about any barriers (financial or otherwise) you may be experiencing in accessing this course. *
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This is an intensive certification course, requiring a significant investment in time, energy and money. We want to make sure the students we support through scholarships are committed to completing the course. Please let us know why you are interested in taking the course and its importance to you. *
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The course runs 9am-5pm on the following days: Apr. 4 and 5; May 2 and 3; June 6 and 7; July 11 and 12; Aug. 1 and 2; Sep. 12 and 13; Oct. 3 and 4; Nov. 7 and 8. One weekend may include a camping field trip to an established permaculture site. Are you able to commit to all dates of the course?
Offering partial scholarships allows more people to participate in the course. We anticipate that a scholarship of $1,000 (which is 2/3 of the total course fee) is most likely. If awarded a partial scholarship, would you be able to contribute $500 towards the course fee?
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