North End Housing Survey
What kind of housing do you live in and what do you need? The North End Neighborhood Organization wants to know. To find out NENO is asking you to complete this brief survey. The results will be used in planning future housing opportunities in the North End neighborhood.

Answering the questions will take only a few minutes. Your answers will be kept private and any reports published about the survey will not include information that will identify you.
What is your zip code?
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What year did you move into your current home?
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What year did you most recently move into the North End?
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Do you own or rent your residence?
Do you live in a residence that requires you to be 55 years of age or older? (check one)
What type of residence do you currently live in? (check one)
After paying your rent/mortgage and utilities, do you have enough money left over to pay for your other needs? (check one)
Thinking about all aspects of your current home, how satisfied are you with your home? (check one)
What do you value most about living in your current home?
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What do you value least about living in your current home?
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When you consider your current home, which of these statements most closely expresses your plans for the future? (check one)
If your home could be modified to better suit your needs, would you be more likely to stay in your current home? (check one)
Do you have the resources (skills, financial assets, support) to maintain and modify your home to continue to meet your needs? (check one)
What do you need to help you stay in your home as long as you desire?
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What do you need to help you stay in the North End for as long as you desire?
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Do you drive your own and/or drive someone else’s car? (check one)
Optional: What are the ages of your household members?
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Optional: How many people currently live in your home?
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When thinking about your needs, please identify how important each of the following are to your decisions regarding your housing. (check one box for each item)
Not important
Slightly Imortant
Moderately important
Very important
Extremely important
Close to friends/family
Close to job
Close to shopping
Low noise levels around my home
Close to the bus
Close to parks/nature
Ease of living in my home: accessibility
Safe neighborhood
Within my budget
Access to services (health care, home maintenance, etc.)
Opportunities to volunteer
Opportunities to participate in neighborhood activities
Community amenities: playgrounds, fitness area, etc.
What is your estimated annual household income? (check one)
What race/ethnicity do you identify yourself?
Please share anything else about your housing that you want the North End to know
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Optional: If you would like to be invited to participate in a focus group to discuss housing in the North End neighborhood, please provide your first name and an email or phone number. Please print clearly.
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