Dear applicants,

Good luck with your application for the iDiscover Fellowship Program.

This application requires you to take your time and give due thought to each question. While it will capture several pieces of essential information, it is also meant to give insights into you as a person. Please be as descriptive and articulate as possible and feel free to use examples in your responses.

We would like to know about your accomplishments and the roads that led to them, about important roles that you may have played as a leader or as a member of a team, about your capacity for problem-solving and, of course, about your drive to create constructive change in the world around.

The deadline to apply is 15th May 2019 23:59 Hrs

Partial applications will not be considered.

We hope you enjoy the process of filling up of this application and should you have any questions, please direct them to or contact us on +91 95380 87614.

Just a quick look to see if you are ready to fill the application form
• Applicants must be 18 years or above.
• Applicants must be ready to give full-time commitment to the fellowship. The I Discover Fellowship is a two-year long fellowship and the selected fellows will be expected to resign from their current employment. The fellows will not be allowed to put the fellowship on hold under any circumstances.
• Applicants must be ready to intervene in a school to teach in intervention classrooms.
• Applicants must be willing to work towards the school and community development.
• Applicants must be interested in addressing educational and social issues and is eager to develop enterprising abilities.
• Applicants must possess curiosity, should be flexible in thoughts and must be adaptable and responsible.
• Applicants can be of any nationality. However, applicants from other nationalities, except for Indians, should have the legal status to work in India.
• Applicants should have functional knowledge of English as we would be using English language for coaching sessions, manuals and electronic communications

All the Best,

Team iDiscover Fellowship
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Educational Background
This is just for our data base and academic achievements will have no bearing on selection process
Education History - Please use this section to detail your education history; dating back to Secondary School, Include name of the institution, Period & Rank/Achievement. (Please mention all the details In reverse chronological order, starting from your most recent experience and then working backwards)
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Interests & Volunteer Activities
What other activities are you or have you been involved in?

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Work Experience
Please use this section to detail your work history.
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Detailed Overview - Please detail up to two of your previous work experiences that you deem most relevant/created the most impact on you *
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About You
As this is the main body of the application, please take your time thinking through and writing each answer. Please mind the character limits and also remember, this is not a test.
1. Personal Statement - What is your story? Please use this space to shed light on how you arrived at this point in your life. What direction have you taken? Where do you hope to go from here? (1000 characters) *
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2. What were your favorite memories from school and how would you re-imagine school today? - Please describe up to two of your favorite memories. Why did/do they interest you? How have they impacted your life? how will your ideal school look like. (1000 characters) *
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3. Whose ideas or work inspires you most? Does that have impact on the work you are doing or want to do? *
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4. Current thoughts on education systems, challenges and opportunities - What is your current understanding of education system? What are important loop holes in the system? Do you think there are any opportunities and leverage points to bring about systemic change? (1000 Characters) *
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5. What do you understand by learning? Share few things you have learnt on your own since childhood and how did you do that? Please share a time/event in your life when you have learnt something on your own [(family, school, neighborhood, etc.) 1000 characters] *
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6. India’s toughest challenge is... According to you, what is the most pressing issue India is facing? What do you envision being a plausible solution or way forward? (1000 characters)
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7. Hobbies & Interests - Please describe up to five things you enjoy doing? What keeps you busy on a Saturday? What do you do for fun? What relaxes you? (1000 characters)
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8. Why should we pick you? Why do you want to work in a village? What makes you stand out above the other candidates? What about your experiences/personality/goals makes you the perfect fit for this fellowship? (1000 characters)
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DECLARATION - I hereby declare that all the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge. Please write your name below in BLOCK/CAPITAL Letters
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