Mutant Vehicle Registration
You can use this form to apply to register a Mutant Vehicle for use at SOAK*2019. A few guidelines:

-Only pre-registered vehicles may drive around at the event. Unregistered vehicles will be turned away at the Gate.
-Mutant Vehicles that are to be driven at night must be properly lit on all sides.
-Vehicles used to tow mutant vehicles must be stored in the parking lot during the event.
-The speed limit at SOAK is 5mph, always and everywhere.

Your vehicle must be designed and built for safe operation at all times.

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Your first and last name? *
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Playa Name? *
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Your phone number? *
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If you're with a theme camp or mutant vehicle support camp, what is the name of your camp?
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What is your vehicle's name, if any? *
Life will be more fun for everybody if your vehicle has a name.
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We will need to see a picture of your vehicle, even if it is only partly completed (which is fine). Do you have a website, Facebook page, and/or photo link(s) related to your vehicle?
Please write the link(s) below. One per line.
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If you don't have links:
I agree to upload photos of vehicle to the Google Drive folder assigned by the Art team. I understand that if photos are not uploaded by the registration deadline my application will not be processed. *
Since you don't have a link to photos of your vehicles, we will email instructions for uploading an image for Art to review.
Have you brought your vehicle to SOAK before? What year(s) did you bring your vehicle to SOAK? *
Describe you Mutant Vehicle *
Please include detailed descriptions of the vehicle it is based on, the modifications you have made, how participants might ride on or otherwise interact with the vehicle, and any other pertinent information.
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What are the approximate dimensions of your Mutant Vehicle? *
L x W x H
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Who will be driving your vehicle? *
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Does your vehicle have any fire effects? *
If your Mutant Vehicle includes a fire component, please be aware that you must follow all SOAK fire regulations: for details and to fill out the form to register your fire effect. All flame effects must be inspected prior to use at the event. The Fire Safety lead will contact you after you fill out the fire form with further instructions for scheduling your on site-inspection. Thank you for burning!
Mutant Vehicles can and do injure, maim, and kill people. Describe your safety plan with regard to other participants, both those who may be riding your vehicle and pedestrians. *
If your vehicle is something simple like a decorated golf cart with one passenger seat, your answer to this question may be similarly simple. If it's more like a massive machine built on a bus chassis with multiple platforms for participants, you will need to provide a detailed plan.
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