Biod1-Monitoring System - Biodiversity
This questionnaire seeks to monitor how the BOP's that have already been generated are generating a benefit or improvement in biodiversity, the society that interacts with biodiversity and the use that the company makes of these benefits.
This form is structured in three areas of interest or thematic blocks: biodiversity, social and corporate. We recommend that you read the document attached to the form that explains the vision, mission and objectives pursued, as well as familiarize yourself with the questions and information to be collected before proceeding to incorporate them into this online form.
Each part must be answered independently. The Biodiversity block is structured in two different parts to make its understanding and user experience more correct. The last part includes questions related to the relationship of society and workers with biodiversity in BOP areas and the use that the company makes of these areas and the improvements that it has generated in biodiversity for its direct or indirect benefit.
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