(WAITLIST) 传仁法师《四念处禅修课程》2019 报名表格

Registration is now full. You may continue with the registration to be under waitlist. We will notify you by 26 August if a place in the course becomes available for you. If you are under waitlist, please do not proceed with the payment of support fee until a place has been confirmed for you. Thank you for your kind attention.
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日期: [共10堂课] 2019年 8月28日 - 10月30日 (星期三)

时间: 晚上 7:30-9:00

地点:圆点心宁中心, 46 Sims Place #01-197, Singapore 380046

赞助费:$150* [**7 月15日之前**报名和支付赞助费]
$180 [7 月15日之后报名]

询问:8501 4365 | dceventreg@gmail.comwww.dc.org.sg (请于周一,三,五;早上10点~晚上10点致电)

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1) 在提交报名表格后的7天之内,请将您的赞助费($180 | $150*) 以现金或支票的方式交给圆点心宁中心柜台,或通过ATM机/网银汇到以下账户:

现金/支票: 圆点心宁中心 (46 Sims Place, #01-197, S380046)
ATM / 网银汇款: OCBC 686-362914-001
PayNOW (转到 UEN: T14SS0022L)

2) 若通过网银汇款,请将成功汇款截屏或交易编号以及您的姓名发送给圆点心宁中心确认

电邮: dceventreg@gmail.com or SMS/WhatsApp: 85014365

3) 缴费确认后,您将收到圆点心宁中心的确认电邮。

4) 只提交表格而未缴赞助费的报名者,将无法获得课程名额。

5) 有意取消参与的成功报名者将无法获得全额退款。

Fees paid before commencement of the course are refundable upon receiving student's written notice of withdrawal, subject to the following:

- 开课的30天之前收到报名者书信通知,可获50%支持费退款。50% refund if written notice is received at least 30 days before the course commencement date.
- 开课的15天之前收到报名者书信通知,可获20%支持费退款。20% refund if written notice is received at least 15 days before the course commencement date.
- 开课当天或之后收到报名者书信通知,可获0%支持费退款。0% refund if written notice is received on or after the course commencement date.

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